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A place to dance, connect and be in community. 



Join us at an upcoming dance!

We meet every Sunday except the first Sunday of each month.

Time: 11am-1pm
Location: Tapesty Folkdance Center, M
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A unique musical experience each week!

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How do I join? Do I need to buy a ticket to attend? How much does it cost?

Tickets are not required; all you need to do is show up!

There is a $5 suggested donation. We accept cash, Venmo and PayPal.

About Us


Dance Church Minneapolis is a conscious dance community cultivated through a diverse blend of dancers and DJs.

For 10 years, Dance Church Minneapolis has offered a sacred container for all people to experience the soul-expanding power of dance and community. Each week we come together to join in conscious dance and embodiment, our musical journey uniquely crafted by one of our DJs - DJs who have been carefully selected for their ability to craft a musical arc that inspires many forms and feelings of movement. 

Dance Church is a thriving and expanding community. Joined regularly by more than 100 dancers, we continue to welcome new faces to the space each week. In entering this space, we align ourselves with our core agreements of trust, consent, safety and respect. In doing so, we enable each of us to have an empowering, impactful and fully embodied experience.


A free-form movement experience where all bodies are welcomed.

Be Present

No phones, no photos and no talking in the dance space.

Be Consensual

Consent is mandatory. Ask for permission before involving others in your dance.

Be Clear

We are substance-free: No drugs or alcohol in the event space.



What is conscious dance?

Conscious dance, also known as ecstatic dance, is a freeform movement journey, held in a safe & sacred container.
Most dances are facilitated by a trained DJ specifically chosen for their ability to curate an experience designed to help you move. Through Ecstatic Dance you will find a communal opportunity to connect more deeply with your body and self-expression.

Do I need to know how to dance in order to participate?

Absolutely no dance experience is necessary! In this regard, Dance Church (and generally any other kind of “Ecstatic Dance” or "Conscious Dance" event) becomes the perfect outlet for those who think they “can’t dance”. We encourage participants to give themselves full permission to be themselves – move how you want to move in every given moment, feel how you feel, etc. There is no way to get it wrong (but please be consensual with others).

So... is this a party?

Believe it or not, Dance Church is NOT a party. That isn’t to say we don’t have a lot of fun doing what we do, but what we offer is more than a party. First off, Dance Church is a substance-free environment. We get high off of the music, dance, and communal experience. Moreover, Dance Church provides an opportunity to go deep within yourself and be physically moved by your body and inner wisdom. While this is also a community event, you can choose for it to be an intimately personal process.

How do I join? Do I need to buy a ticket to attend? How much does it cost?

Tickets are not required; all you need to do is show up! There is a $5 suggested donation. We accept cash, Venmo and PayPal.

What kind of music can I expect?

We carefully select our DJs for their ability to curate a musical arc encompassing a variety of tempos, genres, and styles of music. Each DJ puts their own spin on the musical journey, and no two Dance Church sets are ever the same! Every week, a different DJ is at the helm, so the musical experiences vary from week to week.

Can I arrive anytime?

You can arrive anytime during the journey, but we highly suggest you get there as the music begins to familiarize yourself with the space and ease your way into the dance.

Can I just come and watch?

We highly encourage 100% of your embodied participation as this is a movement-based experience. That being said, If you would like to stay on a blanket or yoga mat before you feel called to move your body – that’s totally fine!

How can I prepare?

We suggest the following:
Wear anything that allows you to move comfortably.
Know that street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.
Bring a full water bottle.
Bring a mat or blanket to sit on the ground.
Make sure to bring an open mind & heart! 

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! We welcome people of all ages. Our community loves when children are present. Part of our mission is to sustain and expand participation in dance, movement, and full expression by sharing this experience with younger generations. It is helpful for parents and guardians to give some age-appropriate guidance to their children on how to move through the space. It is equally important for all others to integrate with the younger folks by accommodating their movement and playfulness.

What do I do if someone violates my boundaries or touches me without consent?

Our dancers are empowered to set, communicate, and enforce their own personal boundaries. If someone crosses your boundaries or touches you without consent, try to resolve the situation on your own by saying "No" and re-stating your boundaries. If an incident occurs in which you feel unsafe, or nonconsensual interactions continue, seek help from community members or a Host as soon as possible. They will help you reach the appropriate people and resources for support. Once you are able please use our Safety Incident Support Form to report the incident for review by our Safety Committee.

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